Gender Communication Summer 2009

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Blog Activity 2: Masculinity May 19, 2009

Chapter two of our textbook summarizes how we develop gender roles and identities. Until recently much of gender communication studies has privileged the feminine. In fact, most of the clips available on our course Blackboard site critique feminine stereotypes in the media and unpack societal pressures on women to have the right image and persona. However, a surge in masculinity studies also helps inform gender and communication.  Please view these two clips regarding masculinity. The first is a condensed version of a Media Education Foundation video, Tough Guise, and the second is a clip from a major scene in Good Will Hunting.

How do the theories about the pressures facing men to be tough and aggressive that Jackson Katz discusses in Tough Guise come to life in Matt Damon’s character of Will Hunting in the movie clip? How do you see these theories and pressures played out in real life? Let each of your comments build upon the others.