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Blog Activity 9: The Gendered Classroom June 5, 2009

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Please refer to the links from Blackboard as well as those I include in this post and p. 241 of your textbook to help inform your comments.

The following link provides CNU enrollment figures categorized by gender and race. In summary, undergraduate enrollment is currently at 45% male and 55% female, which is comparable to the national figures shared in the textbook (though it is six years old now, wow). National projections continue to point to higher female enrollment. Situate this analysis within the textbook’s description of gendered learning styles (there’s a handy chart on p. 239) and answer the following questions.

What effect will the differential between men and women have on them and CNU’s future? Will a surplus of educated women allow more women to attain jobs that were once awarded to men? How might the disparity alter social relationships? Will men experience difficulty establishing lasting relationships with women who are better educated than they are?