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Blog Activity 3: Feminisms May 21, 2009

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The textbook chapter on gender and social movements discusses many definitions, types, and waves of feminism. In your personal journal entries you’ll be discussing what feminism means to you and how you came to understand feminism. However, in this space I’d like us to discuss a type of feminism not addressed by the textbook authors, post-feminism. One definition is provided here. In short, post-feminists assume that the feminist movement (the one characterized by the liberal, second-wave type of feminism) worked and that women have achieved the equal status they sought for so long. Post-feminist perspectives can be found in pop culture examples such as Cosmopolitan and Sex and the City, where women’s earning power (READ: power to consume, buy things) symbolizes the end of the long fight for gender equality.

What other pop culture references can you think of that embody post-feminist ideals? Do you think these examples (the ones I’ve listed and your own) are representative of the current state of feminism(s)? Why or why not?