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Blog Activity 6: The Family Gender Factory May 30, 2009

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[The following activity comes from p. 199 of the textbook (Gamble & Gamble, 2003).]

A critical socializing agent in our growth as women or men is our family. Take some time to think about the ways in which your family members contributed in helping you formulate your personal definitions of masculinity and femininity then respond to the questions below and share a summary with the rest of us:

In what ways did they (your family) encourage you or discourage you from exhibiting traditional male and female characteristics? What pressures do you believe your parents felt when socializing you to enact a gendered role. For example, did they feel it was important to monitor your dress? Did they set limits on your personal freedom? Were the discipline styles of your mother and father similar or different? IMPORTANT: Do you think a parent or caregiver would have disciplined you differently if you were a member of the opposite sex (you can compare to your parents’ treatment of your siblings here if relevant)?