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Welcome COMM 330 Students April 15, 2009

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Welcome to This is where we’ll be spending lots of our virtual time together this summer.

To get started, please click on the link and register using your CNU email address. When you’re walking through the registration steps, be sure to check the box allowing you to create your own blog, as that is where you’ll create your final project Web portfolio. By registering you’ll also be able to comment correctly on our course blog (where you are now) once we begin using this space for virtual course discussion.

Once you’ve registered you’ll need to check your CNU email account to activate your blog. Follow the instructions onscreen to begin blogging, including creating a theme (which you select by clicking on the Appearance tab on the left of the Dashboard) after you’ve registered and activated your blog. I strongly, but politely of course, encourage you to create your course blogs now. You’ll want to play around with the publishing and tagging features, as well as learn how to embed media clips and Web site links.

For now, please practice adding the following tag, comm33009 (like I’ve done in this post), as this is the tag you’ll be adding to each of your Web portfolio posts. I would also like each of you to subscribe to that tag in the Tag Surfer menu of your Dashboard so that you can all share your work. For those of you new to blogging, posting and subscribing to tags is a way of aggregating blog subjects to an easy, central location, in this case your Dashboard. I’ve included what I hope are helpful blogging tips. You’ll see them as separate pages on the right of the course home page.

Please don’t be overwhelmed now. Just create your blog, breathe, then begin having fun with it. Oh, and please email me the link to your blog once you’ve created it. Thanks! 🙂