Gender Communication Summer 2009

A space to critically engage gender and communication topics

Blog Settings & Features May 12, 2009

Throughout this experience please remember the mantra, “If I can use Facebook, I can use WordPress.”

Once you’ve registered your blog and selected a background (in the Appearance tab on the left of the Dashboard), please follow these suggestions in organizing your WordPress space. On one hand, your blog is YOUR space. On the other, certain uniform settings will ease the grading process, which is helpful to us all. 🙂

First off, under the Settings tab of the Dashboard be sure to give your blog an interesting title and tag line. Here you’ll also want to select the proper timezone, UTC-4 (if you maintain your blog later, remember to switch to UTC-5 when Daylight Savings Time ends). Under the Discussion tab in Settings you can choose how people comment on your posts. For ease of use, you may want to deselect the box next to the requirement for needing prioral approval comment. However, if you want to maintain more authority over commentting, you can leave it checked. Under the Privacy tab in Settings please keep your blog visible to everyone at least through June 22, when grades are due. I would still encourage you to keep your blog open after this date, however, that is up to you.

Next, please be sure to select the following Widgets for your blog under the Appearance tab: Tag Cloud, Categories and Meta. Your tag and category groupings will be readily available on your blog’s main page. The Meta widget provides useful administrative tools, such as logging in to your blog as well as allowing readers to subscribe to your blog. You can also select the Pages and Links widgets if you want to get a little more creative with your space. You’ve seen what I’ve done with Pages for our course blog. The Pages feature would be helpful for those of you who want to include material separate from your portfolio posts. The Links feature is not the same as the links you’ll include in individual artifact posts. Rather, under Links in your Dashboard you can link to other blogs, such as our course blog or others that you find helpful and interesting regarding gender and communication. (Important Widgets note: Some blog layouts do not allow some of the widgets I’ve selected. If you don’t see the available widgets in your Dashboard, then you may need to select a different blog layout in the Appearance tab.)

The rest of the guidelines on this page relate to proper settings on individual posts. By now hopefully you’ve played around with the Dashboard enough to know how to click on the Posts link in the Dashboard, where you can select Edit or Add New. Please notice the editing boxes above the text box, such as bold and spell check. When you select (highlight) words in the Post text box you should notice two new boxes light up. One looks like a chain link, the other a broken chain link. The chain link buttons are to embed and unembed links in your post. Once the text is highlighted that you want to indicate leads to a link, click on the chain link box, then paste the URL (http Web address that you can copy from the actual Web page to which you are linking). Please be sure to use the Target pull down menu to select to open each link in a new window (for ease of use).

You’ll also notice the Upload/Insert menu buttons in the Post Dashboard. This is where you can embed images, songs, video and more. Please play around with the features to get the hang of them. If you can upload pictures to Facebook, then you should be able to upload items in WordPress. 🙂

Some final notes on creating and editing individual posts: be sure that once you are happy with your post content that the visibility is set to public and that you click the blue Publish button. Otherwise, no one but you will be able to see the fabulous insight you’ve shared. Hint: the best way to see if your post is public is to log out of WordPress and view your blog site. Also important, click the blue Update Post tab in the edit post feature to save changes.


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