Gender Communication Summer 2009

A space to critically engage gender and communication topics

Touching base June 5, 2009

Filed under: course info — daniellemstern @ 5:18 pm

I want to commend you all on your hard work and thoughtful contributions to the blog this week, especially the most recent prompt on romantic relationships. Not only were there more assignments this week, but you also made great strides to discuss the “tough” topics. It’s these times that I think online learning might actually be more beneficial than a physical classroom. Think about how many times you wanted to voice an opposing opinion but didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t want to rock the boat. Similarly, sometimes face-to-face discussions become heated and uncomfortable. I’m not suggesting we replace all traditional learning spaces with online forums. Rather, just as some of the blog prompts have encouraged thinking outside the norm, I think our current virtual classroom is challenging our longtime assumptions about learning. Those of you who haven’t yet revisited the relationship blog post to read through everyone’s remarks, I suggest doing so. In the meantime, good luck on your Web portfolios.


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