Gender Communication Summer 2009

A space to critically engage gender and communication topics

Important course note May 14, 2009

Filed under: Blog info,course info — daniellemstern @ 10:15 am

Please be sure to visit the links organized by chapter in our course Blackboard page. While I will occasionally embed links and videos on the blog for selective blog activities and general course info, I think it will be helpful to get familiar with the Blackboard material as well. Also, I encourage you to post links and clips that you think would be useful or interesting to all of us to your own blogs once you’ve created them. These can be in addition to your chosen artifacts for the final portfolios if you would simply like to share a link. Remember to tag comm33009 if you include items as separate posts rather than in a links sidebar.

Also, please know that you can respond to and/or post questions to anything I’ve included in a post or a page by using the comment feature. Per the welcome post, first register with WordPress using your CNU email address so that you can log in and comment appropriately. You can, of course, email me anytime at However, I encourage you to use the blog for questions, as this dialogue might be helpful to other students.


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