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Blog Activity 1: Icebreaker! May 13, 2009

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NOTE: Please try to complete this brief activity early on the first day of classes Monday (if not sooner), then check back for the second part later in the day and respond again promptly so we can get to know each other some.

In lieu of meeting in person, please consider the following icebreaker activity. It’s a two-parter. I’ll post the second part once everyone comments to this first prompt:

Search through the items on your person at this moment and select one item that represents you. Explain a little bit about yourself (such as your major, hobbies, etc.) and then share how the object you’ve selected is representative of aspects of your identity.

I’ll get us started…


34 Responses to “Blog Activity 1: Icebreaker!”

  1. daniellemstern Says:

    I’m Danielle (AKA Dr. Stern in the classroom). I’ve been teaching gender topics in communication for about five years or so, but I’ve been studying gender since my undergraduate work began about 10 or so years ago. This is the beginning of my second year teaching at CNU and the first time I’ve taught the course entirely online. (You can click on the About page to the right to link to my faculty profile page.)
    The item I’ve selected to represent my identity is my trusty iPod. In my circle of friends I’m known as the music lover–the one constantly making playlists, no matter the occasion. I make playlists for TV finales (such as Grey’s Anatomy or American Idol), friend’s break-ups (so they can move on of course), and of course, road trips.

  2. laurens15 Says:

    Hi! I’m Lauren and I am a Communications student here at CNU. When I first came to CNU I was majoring in Business, but soon realized it wasn’t really for me so now I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Business. On my free time, when I’m not studying 6 hours a day, I like to hang out with my friends and go to concerts. Summer is my favorite season because I love going to the beach and being able to relax a little from school. The item on me right now that is most representative of me is my PETA pin on my bag. I am a huge animal rights activist and vegetarian, and it is probably the first thing a person finds out about me when they meet me. I hope to intern for PETA next summer and then eventually my goal is to maybe work for them one day. I have been a vegetarian for about 2 years now, and it is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  3. kmacklin1107 Says:

    Hey, my name is Kim and I am a Communications major at CNU. I am currently a junior, and plan on graduating a semester early. Some things that I enjoy doing include going to the beach and going skydiving. I work two jobs which include working manifest at West Point Skydiving Adventures and I am also a Tour Guide for CNU. While I really like summer because I can go to the beach and hang out with friends, I also absolutely love fall because of the changing of the leaves and how nice the breeze feels. An item that can constantly be found on me is my cell phone. I like to have a constant connection with people, and I like the feeling that if I am needed I can be reached at any point in time. It is also symbolic of me because I enjoy talking and getting to know people.

  4. Jessie Wright Says:

    Hi! My name is Jessie Wright. I am a Communications major. I transferred in to CNU and changed my major last year, so my credits are a little off. My last major was computer science, after I year it was TERRIBLE. I changed to Communications and LOVE IT!!! You could say I am a junior, but will be a senior after the Fall 09 Term! WAHOO SENIOR! I am an extremely hard worker and take all my school work very seriously.
    My cell phone is my item. I would like to think I do not need my cell phone, BUT I do! I’m a texting queen. I love hanging out with people, and keeping in touch. You could say 65% of my phone calls and text is to someone in my family. I love my family and my sisters are best friends.
    Two random facts just for fun: I love my little pup Koda Bear and Golden Girls is basically my Bible. πŸ™‚

    • jenwaybright Says:

      Hi everyone!! πŸ™‚

      My name is Jen Waybright! I’m now a Senior[ack!] Comm major and just switched first term of my junior year! I absolutely love it and am so glad I stumbled upon this major! πŸ™‚ In my free time I love to go watch movies[I’m quite a movie buff], go to concerts, spend time with friends and family, go to the gym, go camping/hiking, play sports…among other things!

      One thing that is on me right now is my keys; odd thing to represent myself, I know, but I’m also working with very little on me! I will explain though: I have on my keyring an Alpha Phi keychain-my fraternity that means the world to me and has given me some of the greatest memories, learning extperiences, friends and family I could ask for; a Green Bay Packers keychain-I’m the biggest football fan ever; I get so bored without games during the offseason and our love of the Packers has actually brought my cousin from Cali and me closer together; the final thing on my keyring that I will explain is my car key-I bought the car myself and I think that it shows my independence, my drive and my committment.

  5. chloea Says:

    Hey! I’m Chloe Agnew (not from Celtic Woman if anyone knows who I’m talking about) and am a junior here at CNU. After much debate I decided to declare a Biology major at the beginning of my sophomore year. My job has a great deal to do with this decision. I’m a Testing Technician at an eye doctor’s office when I’m at home. This summer I may train some more and rise to technician status.
    I just so happened to get back from a retreat just a little bit ago, so my Ipod (Thumper) is most definitely with me and in need of some charging. I absolutely LOVE music. Musicals especially excite me because they combine my love for music and theater. Wicked is my favorite thus far. Put me in an empty car with that playing, and I will be quite content. While I like musicals, I’m also a fan of country, pop, rock. It just depends on my mood. I, too, have playlists dedicated to different American Idol seasons. Even if I don’t like many of the contestants, I can’t help but watch and find myself buying their singles.
    Fun Fact: I graduated from a private Christian school with 11 people in my class (including me).

  6. katelyntemple Says:

    Hi, my name is Katelyn Temple and I am now a senior at CNU. I am a political science major and communications minor. While in school I spend most of my time studying and am a senator for student government and am the president of the political science national honor society. I also run everyday. Something that is very important to me is my horse and horseback riding, I have been doing it 14 years. This leads to the object that represents me and I wear every single day, without fail. I forgot it one day in high school so was late because I had to go back home. : ] I have a bracelet with my horses show name engraved on it. This means a lot to me because riding really is my passion in life and it is something I will always enjoy. I can’t imagine what I would do besides ride so this is just a reminder how important it is to me!

  7. kirstenpowell Says:

    Hi my name is Kirsten Powell and I am a junior here at CNU. I am an English major and I am pursuing a minor in childhood studies. I have been a commuter student my entire college career. I am a Hampton local. I am a wife, a mother, and a full time student. I love taking care of my family but my education is very important to me. My dream is to be an elementary school teacher specializing in English as a second language. I love to spend any spare moment I have in the Outer Banks with my son and my husband. I always have my son with me everywhere I go (he is 9 and a half months old). He is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Believe it or not my GPA went up after becoming a mom and having more on my plate to juggle. I think that being a mother makes me appreciate different things in my life that much more.
    Fun Fact: I just got a tattoo on mother’s day of a hibiscus flower on my foot! EKK! I love hibiscus flowers!

  8. mransone Says:

    Hi my name is Molly Ransone and I am at sophomore here at CNU! I am a Communications major and I love it! I don’t really know what I want to do with my degree after college, but I know I want to work with people! When I am not in class I am either working as a Tour Guide for CNU or I am just hanging out with my friends and sisters, I am in the sorority Phi Mu. I am also a cheerleader for CNU. I have been a cheerleader for the past nine years and I love it, I want to coach when I am older. This will be my last season as a college cheerleader though, I had shoulder reconstruction two years ago and my shoulder is giving out. I am excited to fill my time with something new!

    Right now I am with my baby blanket. I have had it all my life and I have only slept without it about four times. It represents all the different chapters in my life, because it has been with me for so long. It also represents how I am afraid to let go of my childhood, I don’t want to enter the real world yet!

  9. melissam4 Says:

    Hi my name is Melissa Misner. I’m a senior now and a communications major. I spend most of my time working and I have never looked so forward to a summer in all my years in school. I’ve been working in the same place for 5 yrs. and when i’m not working, going to class, or doing homework, i’m trying to do absolutley nothing and just relax…but usually end up going out with the girls. Right now i’ve got my lounge clothes on and i’m trying to do as close to nothing as possible but as you can see right now, I still can’t seem to and I don’t think it’ll ever end! My Dad always said, “there’s always something that needs to get done.” Whyyyyyy?????

  10. emily9988 Says:

    Hi! My name is Emily and I will be a junior at CNU once I complete this course over the summer! I’m a communications major with a double minor in leadership and philosophy/religious studies. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing with my degree upon graduation in 2 years, but I’ve got a while to decide. I spend most of my time either working as a CNU tour guide, studying for school, or hanging out with friends.

    My item of choice is definitely my chapstick. I can’t be without it. If I am without it and someone mentions the word chapstick, I get a sudden urge to use it, even if it’s not necessary! I’m addicted. Therefore, my chapstick is always on me.

    Fun Fact: My two front teeth are fake. They were knocked out my freshman year of high school in a colorguard accident.

  11. vrobbins Says:

    Hi! My name is Victoria Robbins. My friends call me Torrie. I am a Senior Communication Studies Major! Yahoooo! πŸ™‚ I am taking this summer course, as well as two others and an internship to allow me to graduate on time. The past year I have switched from Business Accounting to Business Finance to Communication Studies concentrating on the MAT Program and recently decided teaching isn’t my niche. You can ask me about why I have come to that conclusion if you want! πŸ™‚ I’m not too sure what I’m going to do with my degree when I graduate, but I’m open to trying new things. One thing is for sure, I love to plan and organize. You can ALWAYS find me scheduling events, coffee breaks, anything with my Palm cell phone. My friends joke on me about how I put EVERYTHING into my calendar. I’m pretty sure my scheduling and planning nature will land me a specific job when I graduate!

  12. sam1503 Says:

    Hi πŸ™‚ My name is Samantha Lawson and I will be a Senior at CNU after my summer classes. I originally started my Freshman year as a Business major and realized that wasn’t for me and joined the world of Communication Studies AND I LOVE IT!

    I’m a summer lover and can’t be more excited that the sun is finally out and hopefully staying awhile πŸ™‚ I love to be with my friends, family, and sisters (Phi Mu, Hi Molly!). You can usually find me at concerts or spending too much money on clothes that I don’t need.

    Along with most people my age, you can’t find me without my cell phone. If I can’t find it (which happens WAY more than I’d like) I feel cut off from the world! It not only keeps me in contact with EVERYONE but it’s my planner, alarm, calculator, and much more. I change the background of my phone frequently to display different pictures of my friends and family. Seeing them never fails to put a smile on my face πŸ™‚

  13. melaniebahr Says:

    Hello everyone!!
    My name is Melanie Bahr and I am a Communications Major with a Dance minor. I just finished up my Sophomore year hear at CNU so I am officially a Junior yay!! When I first came here, I originally came in as a Business Major, which is definitely not fitting for me. About 3 weeks into my freshman year I switched to Communications and that has been one of the best decisions I have made since I have been here.

    One thing that I would never be caught without are my sunglasses. I have probably way to many pairs of them, but I’d rather have too many. I love summer and the beach and being outside and having sunglasses is a must for those activities. Plus I have blue eyes so the sun tends to bother them more.

    In my free time I love to travel, sing, dance, hang out with my friends, family, and sisters (Alpha Phi Love) and I m just all about having a great time and living life to the fullest!! I look forward to getting to know all of you better!

  14. mmpike Says:

    My name is Mary Margaret Pike (go by Mary Margaret) and I am now a junior at CNU. I am an English major with the intention of teaching middle school. My decision to teach middle school did not come until last semester when I was sitting in my educational psychology class and my professor starting talking about how adolescent girls begin to lose interest in academics in middle school. For whatever reason, that really gets to me and I have decided that middle school, rather then early elementary is where I want to spend my career.

    The one thing that is always with my is my cheap-o six dollar sports watch. I love this thing, I’m not really sure why, but if I don’t have it then my wrist feels lonely. The watch is always set 3 min. fast because being tardy, unfortunately, is something I do very well.

    I lead young life at Poquoson high school, so most of my free time is spend there. I also am the assistant varsity girls basketball coach, so the winter season is very busy for me. When I’m not hanging out in Poquoson, I am usually hanging out with friends, watching movies, or playing outside at the beach or wherever. I like to read but barely have the time for it, and love the beach and love having fun with my friends. During the school year, my random gaps of free time are usually spent watching “Friends” with my roommates.

  15. cahendy Says:

    My name is Caleb Henderson and I am a junior at CNU (almost a senior). I am a comm major and have no idea what I want to do after I graduate. I love working with kids but am positive I do not want to teach so hopefully I find creative ways to work with them. Right now I am taking this online course along with two others in the third summer session while living in Newport News. I volunteer as a Young Life leader at Denbigh HS and I just got a job as a youth pastor at a church up the road so I am excited to see what this summer will be like for me. I love to do anything out doors so summer is one of my favorite times of year.

    There are a few basic things I always have on me at all times but the thing I want to talk about are my sunglasses. For starters they are white sunglasses so they stick out which I tend to do frequently. I change my appearance a lot but I rarely have just a normal look. They are very expensive sunglasses that I found online for 70% off which is how I live my life…very cheap. They also have scratches all over them despite me trying to take care of them. My sunglasses (and everything else I own) resemble in a way how I live my life. I have had many surgeries and other injuries so you could say I am beat up and worn down like my sunglasses are.

  16. melissas18 Says:

    Hello! My name is Melissa Suer and I have been at CNU for 4 years just this last semester. I was suppose to graduate but switching majors and some other factors have gotten me behind. So I am taking a few summer courses to catch up and be done soon! I am from Newport News and graduated from Denbigh. I have been working at 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union as a member service rep. for the past 2 years and am also interning right now with their Marketing Department. When I graduate I want to work for a company or military base in the field of public relations, marketing or advertising.

    • melissas18 Says:

      Ok, I accidentally hit the submit button when I was not finished! I am extremely new to this whole blogging and online class set up! Anyway, I love little kids, I babysit on the side, I love the beach, taking little trips whenever possible, spending time with family and friends – I am rarely ever alone because I don’t really like to be – and supporting my boy who is in the Marine Corps getting ready to leave for the 2nd time to Iraq. I’ve been on my own since I was 19 and so that had somewhat had something to do with my set back in graduating, having to work more to pay rent!
      The one thing on me right now that best represents me is my work badge. It shows that I work for 1st Advantage and has a picture of me on the front. My job is extremely important to me not only for financial reasons but for providing good experience to put on my resume that will hopefully help me to get a job I desire when I am done with school. It also reflects my independence and drive; when I first started out on my own, I did not have this job, and it was a huge struggle, but I did not give up and dealt with the issues, and with my determination to get a better paying job, I did. This has made me believe that truely anyone can do whatever they set their mind to. Luck may have a bit to do with it, but I looked and applied to many places, got out and networked with people, and I was hired. And now, life is a little bit less of a struggle, at least in terms of managing my rent money! : )

  17. scnuhoy87 Says:

    My name is Stephen Hoy, and I am currently a senior at Christopher Newport University and plan on graduating Spring 2010. I transferred into CNU in 2006 from Piedmont Virginia Community College to play baseball for the Captains. Unfortunately I never was able to play because in the week before I moved to CNU, I tore my rotator cuff and after my recovery I decided to focus on my studies. I am from a little town, Keswick, VA, on the outskirts of Charlottesville, VA and this is where I lived for the majority of my life. I am a brother of Sigma Pi Fraternity and my greatest hobbies are sports, more specifically baseball, basketball, football. I work a full time job in Newport News as well as being a full time student. I also enjoy anything having to do with offroading as well as hanging out with my friends. An important aspect of my life is my family and if I have time I love spending it with them.
    That leads me into the object that represents me, which is my Saint Christopher Medallion. I have worn my St. Christopher since I was in 6th grade (almost 11 years now), and it was handed down to me from uncle Stephen after he passed away before I was born. I was named after my uncle and I wear the St. Christopher everyday in remembrance of him and for my family.

  18. tgbaldwin32 Says:

    Hi guys, my name is George Baldwin but I go by Tripp I am going into my fourth year here at CNU. I am currently a comm. major and I plan to use my degree to get a PR job or something of that nature, and dabble with a little bit of real estate on the side. I have a tendency to over think and over analyze things so I’m sorry if I tend to ramble on any of my posts.

    The item in me that I believe represents myself is my wallet. Yes an odd thing to choose I know but there are too many cell phones and the like being used. This wallet represents me because it is very functional with no special things added to it. Some people wouldn’t even call it a wallet because all it holds is my ID and 2 money cards, that’s it nothing flashy, just simple, easy, and gets the job done.

  19. mattymac Says:

    Hello! My name is Matt McCubbin and I am a junior, double majoring in Communication Studies and Musical Theatre. I’ve been performing in plays, musicals and have sung in choirs and ensembles practically all my life. Singing and acting are probably two of my favorite things to do. Around CNU, I work in the Office of Admissions as a tour guide and sing in Expansion, the male a cappella ensemble. I have been declared a Communication Studies major since my freshman year, but I did not get active in the department until this past semester. I must say I am enjoying it thoroughly. I have no idea what I want to do after college, but I am possibly looking into graduate school, and I would love to combine my love for the arts with something relating to public relations, administration, or marketing.

    My item that is on me is a silver keychain that I keep with my car keys (which are on me all the time). The keychain has my initials engraved on it. I received this keychain as a graduation present from the director of a music ensemble that I sang with in high school. For that reason, it represents how much music is important to me and how it has been such a huge part of my life. The initials also can relate to the meaning behind my name. I was a surprise to my parents–they were not expecting me (haha!). So, for that reason, they named me “Matthew” which in Hebrew translates as “Gift from God” because to them, I was their little miracle.

  20. flipmyflops06 Says:

    Hi! My name is Mackenzie Page and I am a senior majoring in chemistry. I’m a bit of a dork and actually like school. During my final year at CNU, I will also be applying to pharmacy school. My first choice is VCU School of Pharmacy. I love visiting home and miss my family when I’m here, but my friends when I’m away. I love reading, cats, and baking and because of this my friends tend to call me “grandma” or “mom” jokingly. An item that can always be found on me is my hair bow. I’m highly energetic and hate sitting down for long periods of time. With my hair bow on my wrist I can stick my hair up quickly and start doing work such as cleaning, homework, or exercising.

  21. catherineporter07 Says:

    My name is Catherine Porter. I am now a Junior at CNU. I am an English Major and plan on teaching either high school or middle school.
    The item that I’ve chosen is a bracelet made out of different colored buttons a friend of mine made me a couple years ago. Although I don’t wear it as often as i know Mary Margaret wears her sports watch, Its probably the one piece of “jewelry” I would actually be upset if I lost. Since it’s colorful and different, it’s often a conversation starter when meeting new people.
    I lead young life at Tabb high school in York county, so when I’m not on campus that’s where I am. I like doing anything outdoors, going to bed early and waking up early, and watching friends wtih Mary Margaret and the rest of the roommates πŸ™‚

  22. McNally Says:

    Why hello their everyone! I am Christopher McNally, pretty much everyone just knows me as McNally though. I love all sports and crazy about staying healthy and active. I transferred to CNU in 2007. I ran track my first semester here then i tore some ligaments in my ankle so that ended that for awhile. I just recently walked on to the Soccer team here at CNU and will enjoy playing in the fall. I am crazy about the beach. I love surfing and just taking my dog and hanging out by the ocean!
    I used to be highly involved in Young Life in high school but since ive been here havent been able to get to involved. Im very friendly and easy to get along with.

  23. lckupke Says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Laura Kupke- and this whole blogging thing is completely new to me. I’m a biology major and not used to any kind of discussion in the classroom- hence the reason why I’m taking an online communications course. This summer I am finishing up my senior year and applying for pharmaceutical sales jobs.
    Something that is on me everyday is a silver ring with crosses around it. My 4 years at college gave way to some pretty wild times, but glancing at that ring has kept me grounded.

  24. sbarmstrong Says:

    Hey ya’ll.
    My name is Sarah Beth Armstrong and I am a junior at CNU. I am double majoring in Studio Art and Communications and wish to pursue a career in design and layout after I graduate. I am from a small town in the Shenandoah Valley and LOVE the country and the mountains. I am such a tomboy and love being barefoot and outside.
    The item I that represents me is a bracelet. It is nothing fancy or exciting as it is just a string of clear and blue beads. This represents me in the sense that I am a very simple and laidback kinda girl. It was made by one of my residents, which is also part of who I am as an RA. It looks a little weird and childish, but I appreciate the simple things and am not afraid to use an art kid excuse to be a little weird. πŸ™‚

  25. ginasurrette Says:

    Hey Ya’ll, happy summer! My name is Gina Surrette, i’ll be a Junior at CNU this up coming semester. I am currently a Communications major and business minor. Having started out as a major in business i soon realized that path was not my strong hold. I love all the communication classes i’ve taken so far and i do not expect this one to be an exception. I am VERY new to this blogging concept and am already having trouble figuring it out. The item i choose to represent me is my lucky coin that says “Laughter” on it. Out of all my friends I am known to laugh and smile the most. I believe that laughter is the music of the soul and love how it makes me happier.

  26. mbest88 Says:

    Hey. My name is Mary Best. I started out at CNU as a biology major, but soon realized that I hated science. I am currently a communications major, which so far I love. In my free time I volunteer at IOWVRS and just finished my EMT-I certification at TCC. I also love hanging out with my three roommates who are my best friends are second family here at school. The item I chose is my cell phone. I cannot live without my cell phone, and for anyone that knows me, you know you will never see me without it. Ten thousand text messages a month is nothing. I’m really not sure what I would do without it.

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